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Here is an exception for not discussing the photos for the blog pages on this website. The cover picture on this page is a compass rose taken at Grand Avenue Park in Everett, Washington. The various watercraft within the rose are all associated somehow with the history of Everett, such as a Native canoe, a whaleback boat built in Everett, and the Calista.

In Grand Avenue Park in Everett Washington.
In Grand Avenue Park in Everett Washington.

Other photos of mine

While I haven’t been doing a lot of updating of it lately, I have a Flickr page.  It probably is time for me to create some more public folders here.

Because I use Google Pixel smartphones, Google has most of my more recent pictures. If you want to see some folders of pictures from Hawaiʻi Island and Oʻahu, I’ll share links with those folders. You’ve already seen some of them on this website.