Robert Chapman’s website 2.0

This is a complete restart for my website. The old one really was not worth saving.


My previous site, which was over 10 years old, was running on MODX. I did the hand coding of the HTML. I created a subdomain for my résumé and job-hunting material, just to show I could.

It was not mobile friendly. The design techniques and styles in my old site were dated. And MODX had completely updated their software.

The first choice was to prove I could do all the techie stuff to update it, even though it would probably take me longer than a website designer. While I have some understanding of what is under the hood, that isn’t what I do everyday. I handle content creation and publication.

The second choice was to save time and get the job done quickly by switching to WordPress.

I’d rather write content and do a bit of gilding the lily on the side. Which is what I did.

By gilding the lily, I did things imported a Google web font for paragraph text and played with other things in some of the paragraph styles. Because I could.

There is nothing wrong with MODX for someone with the time and need to create a high-speed, professional website. That isn’t what I needed.


The consumer version of WordPress isn’t perfect, but it quickly gets the job done to push content.

It’s biggest drawback is in user accessibility. While there are things you can do to improve accessibility, the tools are limited. I do what I can.

By the way, I do not use the Gutenberg editor. I’ve tried it. I think it makes things more difficult in the long run. When web styles change again, those blocks that Gutenberg adds could be problematic to rejigger.

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