Robert Chapman’s website 2.0

This is a complete restart for my website made in late 2020. Things needed refreshing to something quick and lightweight.



My previous site, was over 10 years old when I updated it. It ran on an older version of MODX. I did the hand coding of the HTML. I also created a subdomain for my résumé and job-hunting material, just to show I could.

It was not mobile friendly. The design techniques and styles were dated. And MODX completely updated their software from what I had.

Updating the MODX site was my first option. While I have some understanding of what is under the hood with HTML, I normally handle content creation and publication.

Another option was to save time by switching to WordPress.

There is nothing wrong with MODX for someone needing a customized a high-speed, professional website. That isn’t what I needed.

WordPress logo


I chose to save time with using WordPress and adding a little gilding the lily (modify the defined styles to personalize the site) on the side as I go along.

The first thing I did to guild the lily was to import Noto Sans JP, a Google web font, for the first level heading and paragraph styles. This added a subtle foot on the “l” to differentiate it from “I” and “1.”

Some other things have been gilded going along to personalize my website. Nothing too extreme.

The free version of WordPress isn’t perfect, but it let me quickly push content in a responsive website. Accessibility is better than years before.

I do not use the Gutenberg editor. I’ve tried it on another website. I think it makes things more difficult in the long run. When favorite web styles change again—and they will change again—those added blocks could make things more difficult to update. Which is why I dropped MODX.

Early in 2022 I relented on the Gutenberg editor. It has improved greatly since my first run-in with it. Now it simplifies some things. I’ll still switch to the code editor for something things, but the tool has matured some.

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