Is Google the (next) Evil Empire?

Yoast SEO

Help to rank better in search

Not only does Google provide help to rank better in search, but they do it for free. Google Webmasters tells you how.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools also gives free advice. It is much the same advice.

What you do for one is what you do for the other. And both tell you for free.

There are tools available to help you manage search engine optimization. If you are in the WordPress ecosystem, Yoast SEO has free and paid versions of their product, along with teaching you how to improve your search engine optimization.

How much more transparent can anyone be in how to rank well in search results?

Someone or a company trying to compete needs to spend resources on marketing though. It never has come for free.

About this antitrust case

Google has been successful in how to deliver search. They say how to rank well in results.

Is Google to blame that Apple Maps do not measure up? Apple has the resources to compete.

Should Microsoft sue Google and Apple since Microsoft mobile devices lost to theirs?

If companies are not willing to spend the effort and resources to make sure they show up well in search results, who is to blame?

This is not to say that there is nothing to discuss here regarding antitrust action. However, how is Google to blame in search results?

There is a matter of personal responsibility on the part of others if they want to to place well in search results.

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