Portfolio of Robert Chapman

This portfolio shows some of the work I have done. Some older samples are on Robert Chapman’s LinkedIn page.

And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.

—Ecclesiastes 12:12 (Authorized Version)

Published collateral

Here are examples of public-facing collateral that I edited and published for Hitachi Vantara.

Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for CI for SAP HANA – Virtualization and Global-Active Device Best Practices Guide

Use this to design and implement your Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for Converged Infrastructure. It has a virtual server infrastructure using Cisco application-centric infrastructure with the global-active device on the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 series.

Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration in a Direct-Attached Configuration with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E990 Reference Architecture Guide

This architecture guide helps you create a best-practices-based enterprise environment with Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration (TDI). Orchestrate efficiency across the data path with an intelligent system.

Deployment Options for Red Hat OpenShift on Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Family Reference Architecture Guide

Use these Red Hat OpenShift deployment options for Hitachi Unified Compute Platform in a bare metal, virtualized, or mixed bare metal environment with virtualized OpenShift.

(This was the last document I published before being told my position was being eliminated. I updated and maintained the Adobe FrameMaker files.)

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

These were created for team meetings.

Bob Chapman

I created this PowerPoint deck to introduce myself during an online meeting in January 2020.

Technical Writing and the Web

I presented this in person at an all-hands meeting in Santa Clara in 2012 within the first year of my starting. Through my time there, I used this presentation to coach the engineers on how to create better documents, especially on creating readable figures.

Other items

Other examples of my work at Hitachi Vantara.

Oracle composable all NVMe architecture solution diagram

Normally, the engineers I worked with at Hitachi Vantara created their own graphics for documents, updated based on my editorial review. In one case, time was short and the engineer was having issues making the text and lines in a figure readable. As a result, I edited the Microsoft Visio diagrams. This is the result: all links clearly visible and all text large enough to be read.

Network diagram

Solutions and Cloud Engineering Technical Paper Template

I created this Microsoft Word document template (dotx) file to standardize styles, and making imports to Adobe FrameMaker for publication quicker. The same style names were used in this template file as the FrameMaker files.

While not posted here, I also created the FrameMaker files used to create the PDF files. The trade dress in these published files matched Hitachi Vantara marketing standards at the time of publication. The collateral examples above were all created from FrameMaker files I created.

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