About (Résumé)

Robert Chapman is a technical communicator living in Everett, Washington. This is about 30 miles north of Seattle and Redmond. He is available for a variety of editing and writing work.

Contact him at mail@rrchapman.us or +1 (206) 963-5260.

Download his résumé in PDF format (277 kB) or Microsoft Word format (37 kB).

Work samples are on Portfolio of Robert Chapman. Additional samples and recommendations are on Robert Chapman’s LinkedIn page.

In our culture–I exaggerate only slightly–those who know cannot write, and those who can write do not know.

—Norman Podhoretz, “In Defense of Editing,” October 1965 issue of Harper’s Magazine

Sunset from Waikīkī.
Sunset from Waikīkī.


I have done a variety of technical communication tasks for over 30 years: editor, writer, and web-based training developer. This work has been in computer hardware and software, aerospace, and cellular telephone industries. My products have included technical white papers, training, marketing materials and communications, on-line help, user interface text, and software documentation.

I have always been the person you come to when you need change. There will be ideas from my experience. There will be proposals on what I think is needed. I will follow through on what is asked, even if not popular.