Portfolio of Robert Chapman

Washington Mutual Universal Workstation client-server network documents 

I was the only technical writer for Distributed Services Administration (when internal Washington Mutual) and Networkstation Design and Development (when outsourced to IBM Global Services). As a contractor, I survived the initial outsourcing before more functions were pulled to Boulder, Colorado.

The Washington Mutual universal workstations and servers were IBM equipment using IBM OS/2 for the operating system. These workstations ran teller operations and various loan underwriting software.

There was a wide variety of documents I created:

  • Branch network wiring standards
  • Server and workstation build-out instructions
  • Installation and testing instructions.

This was in addition to the following activities:

  • Maintaining the bank-wide server name list for the OS/2 network
  • Help project managers with RFQs and other documents
  • Travel to Florida to participate in practice installations in a training center and branch.

These two example documents, both over 20 years old, had style issues determined by some of the DSA-NDD documents going to contractors who entered them into ASCII text-based documentation systems.

My current résumé only goes back to 2000, so it does not list my work as a contractor at Washington Mutual. However, I have these and more documents from that time.

Universal Workstation Platform System Management Tools

This is a short document of miscellaneous system information information. It was one of the earlier documents I created, before ISSC became IBM Global Services.

Networkstation Design and Development Off-Site IBM 330 Fileserver Preparation

This document described how to prepare an IBM 330 fileserver for use in a branch. This release was a later document.