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Other items created while at Hitachi Vantara

Oracle composable all NVMe architecture solution diagram

Normally, the engineers I worked with at Hitachi Vantara were to create their own graphics for documents, updated based on my editorial review. In one case, time was short and the engineer was having issues making the text and lines readable in the graphic. So, I edited the Microsoft Visio diagrams. This is the result.

Select the graphic to see it at full size.

Oracle Composable All NVMe Backend Architecture Network Diagram
Network diagram

Solutions and Cloud Engineering Technical Paper Template

I created this Microsoft Word document template (dotx) file to standardize styles when writing document. This made content imports to Adobe FrameMaker for document publication quicker. The same style names were used in this template file as in the FrameMaker files.

While not posted here, I also created the FrameMaker files used to create the PDF files. The trade dress in these published files matched Hitachi Vantara marketing standards at the time of publication. The PDF collateral examples above were all created from FrameMaker files I created.